Our Story

When Cindy Toy and Neil Koehler bought Yale Creek Ranch in 2007, they immediately created a place for people to gather, learn, and celebrate. They fixed up old cabins left over from a boys scouts camp to create naturally built, elegant, and comfortable living spaces for visitors. They also added new features to the farms, such as solar panels that run the farm day to day, and the stunning Common Ground Barn.

Neil and Cindy have always had the ability to create a positive space for people to be who they are, and do the things they want to do, and Yale Creek Ranch embodies that. Whether it be a wedding celebration, birthday party, or a gathering place just for the sake of being together, it can happen at Yale Creek Ranch.

On top of bringing people together, the farm puts an emphasis on education. The farm is used for kid's camps, workshops, and retreats. We offer some of these ourselves but are also interested in being a place for other teachers to offer their ideas and skills to others.

Yale Creek Ranch seeks to create a peaceful, respectful, and sustainable environment for beneficial and meaningful experiences.



It feels like the word sustainability has been used in so many different contexts, it's lost its meaning. To us, sustainability means managing the land so that its long term health is secure, and that monetary profit never comes before the wellbeing of nature, or the people it supports. Because of this, a lot of thought and resources has been put into infrastructure to make the Ranch more sustainable.  

Kid's Camp Building Class