It feels like the way the word sustainability has been used in so many different contexts, it's lost its meaning. To us sustainability means managing the land so that its long term health is secure, and that monetary profit never comes before the wellbeing of nature, or the people it supports. Because of this, we have put a lot of thought and resources into infrastructure to create a more sustainable farm. We think that it is important to be transparent when it comes to the measures that we take to do our part in protecting the land. 

Solar Pannels


4 sets of solar panels generating capacity 17kw of electricity keep all buildings running off of renewable energy.



Every lodging contains a wood burning stove that uses wood harvested from the property. The wood is gathered from fallen tree debris as well as from thinning the forest. These practices improve the health of the forest, even as we warm ourselves.

Composting Toilet

Composting Toilets

There are 2 composting toilets on the farm, placed near cabins that don't have toilets of their own. They create an instrument of reusing human waste to benefit the land.

Winnius of Yale


We firmly believe in giving back to the community. That's why we donate 5% of all profits to local organizations and movements. For more information click below.