Written Directions

  • ADDRESS: 724 Yale Creek Rd. Little Applegate, OR 97530

  • Take I-5 to Medford. Hwy 238 West exit.  It is also called the CRATER Lake HWY exit.

  • Take signs to JACKSONVILLE. After approximately 10 miles, 238 goes right through the center of Jacksonville.

  • Take 238 to RUCH, a small town where there is a store to buy groceries. 

  • Turn left onto APPLEGATE ROAD, the one right by the Ruch store, directly before the Ramsey Reality building. 

  • Go for approximately 2.8 miles, then turn left onto LITTLE APPLEGATE ROAD. The sign can be a little hard to see, so make sure to keep your eyes peeled

  • Go approximately 7.5 miles on Little Applegate road then take a right onto YALE CREEK ROAD.

  • After crossing TWO small bridges, it is the first farm on your right, up a steep drive. It will be in view after the second bridge 

  • There is a green gate that MAY be closed, just open it.